Sunday, June 13, 2021

Welcome to Andrews Companies Incorporated

Small business isn't for the faint of heart, neither is technology.

How can your business sort through, understand, utilize, and maintain it's investment in technology? Most importantly, how can you use these tools to make money and grow your business?

Andrews Companies Incorporated is this answer. We are an information technology consulting firm located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We specialize in providing corporate-style IT services to small businesses at an exceptionally high level of value.

Larger companies can afford to have in-house computer services departments to watch their systems and prevent downtime as well as answer simple day-to-day questions. Smaller companies often can't afford the staff or are concerned at the quality they can afford. Outsourcing solves this problem, but most consultants are expensive for one-time service calls because by the time you've found the problem it's already gotten out of hand.

Andrews Companies Incorporated solves this problem by creating support plans at a reasonable cost that are aimed at limiting downtime. These plans include monitoring your systems to watch for trouble before it happens, proactively applying software patches to help prevent failures, and other service designed to keep you up and running.

We serve our customers to help them grow, and maintenance alone won't always accomplish that goal. Other services we provide through affiliations, include website development and hosting, custom database development, internet marketing and planning, data and telecom wiring and services, internet connectivity, and a host of other services.

Please give us a call today so we can discuss how Andrews Companies Incorporated can help your small business.